Our advantages

Sogelease Bulgaria strives to offer to its customers attractive conditions in respect of:
advance prepayment depending on the type of financing asset and down payment possibilities of customer.
- period of lease consistent with the return on investment, impairment of assets and payment capabilities of  the customers.
- interest, fees and other costs adapted to the type of asset, contract term and the customer profile.
- residual value according to the type of lease and the type of asset.
- financing of VAT depending on the client's VAT position in order to optimize its cashflow.
- fee for approval / management of the lease transaction payable once.
One of the main priorities of Sogelease Bulgaria is to provide fast and accurate response to the client's requests for leases.
There is no formal restrictions on the maximum amount of the financed project since the lease transaction is compatible with the client's posibilities and is economically justified.
Sogelease Bulgaria strives to keep high customer satisfaction, so the approach to each project is individual. 
The company offers complete solutions and can manage all formalities related to the insurance and registration of the asset. Sogelease Bulgaria offers services throughout the country through its branches present in the main cities of Bulgaria.
Sogelease Bulgaria customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the full range of products and services offered by Societe Generale Expressbank - current, deposit and special accounts, electronic banking, financing businesses for working capital or investment projects.